The coronavirus pandemic caused people to isolate themselves. A long stay at home causes a problem of low mobility, physical and mental health weakness. Physical exercises could help in this matter. However, the uniformity of exercises in a confined space can also adversely affect the mental state. Unlike fitness and other usual physical activities, dance improvisation involves research work aimed at studying the relationships in the body. One square meter is required for the lessons.

The program uses the improvisation method by Rudolf von Laban to introduce a person to his body.
Rudolf Laban believed the best way to advocate this freedom was by mirroring it in dance and the movement arts. Freud's discovery of the psyche, opened a previously closed door and the body's sexuality need no longer be hidden. The movement arts were thought to be a great medium to express this new freedom, by men and women dancing barefoot and in little clothing.
He is considered as one of the pioneers of modern dance in Europe as the "Founding Father of the Expressionist Dance" in Germany.
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